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                             LEE JAMES BLUNT POETRY & SONGS NOTTINGHAM U.K. 

                                                                              Writing - Poetry - Clothing and Music without  "Delusions of Grandeur"

All In It Together  

All in it Together - LJ Blunt

Ever get the feeling you have been dealt the wrong card, 
when times seem really tough, and the recession bites hard , 
many more thousands have become unemployed , 
no funds left to fill the void , 
times like this we all stick together , 
make satirical jokes , about the good old British weather , 
remember when our pound was so strong , 
we got our wages , and they seemed to last so long . 
the cash we had it will never be the same , will we ever regain , 
but we have to point the finger so who is to blame ? 
Our politicians lead us , but they don't seem to get it , 
a nation of debt , but crying out for more credit .

   Worries and Woe's By Lee Blunt 2011              

Worries and Woes - LJ BLUNT  

When all your yes’s turn into No’s

Life slows down and you move out of the fast lane,

And you start to feel the anxiety and pain,

Right to the core deep inside, is there a solution,

No matter how hard you try,

That’s the way it is when things come to a close,

Left alone with you worries and woes,

All of them  a different variety,

Getting constants pangs of anxiety,

Maybe its a lesson and it your own confession,

You have led yourself down a path of depression,

The life you have and the memories  you have built,

Can you really taste the constant guilt ?

People may ask you what you should do,

Well it maybe time to listen to the truth,

The things about  you that others perceive,

The things that you refuse to believe.  

    Tunebell (Anagram of my name Lee Blunt) 2011     

The Tunebell Anagram - LJ Blunt

My tunebell has been a ringing in my head for years,

No one see’s it  but everyone hears,

The tunebells beats are resonating loud,

Constant sounds make me so proud,

I don,t mess with the double “L”

But i go by the anagram of “Tunebell”,

Tunebell an anagram of my name,

The sounds that come out will never remain,.

       The march to liberty (back from Afghanistan)      

The years come and go by,
and many more have died,
families left at home a thousand tears cried,
whilst hearts are still being broken,
and some will never mend,
when will they be together,
when will this conflict ever end ?,
we show respect as a symbol,
of all we have loved and lost,
who knows what going to happen in the future,
God only knows at what cost,
People of our land must unite,
And keep our country free,
this land of brave soldiers,
March home to liberty,
Civillians by the roadside,
Soldiers walks past modest and full of pride,
Fallen comrades what a pity,
today they march on,
heads held high with the "Freedom of the city"

By Lee J Blunt
July 2010

    The Former Mining Town by Lee Blunt  2011


     We are still here and we spend our pounds,
long lost community turned into a broken town,
young men old women worked for years,
toiled and tried, shed blood sweat and tears,

remember the times of the wheels spinning round,
days, nights and afters that iconic sound,

thats us, thats me,
we all come from a "former mining town",

the old miners lamp with its shiny brass,
you can,t divide us cause were working class

worked seven days a week and could afford what we like,
until the tory government cornered the miners to strike,

its got the heart and soul, the king and the crown,
it,ll never lose the pride and spirit,
the "former mining town".

Lee Blunt 2011



The Information Super Highway By Lee Blunt


Information Super Highway

I’ve got my laptop my printer and my new P.C.
I listen to my music on Mp3
I don’t have to visit the store
To be told it’s sold
I get all my music by way of download
I don’t need to see my friends
Or even go to work
I have everything I need
In my social network
See pictures of me,
On Facebook, Bebo or even Myspace
Flying a thousand miles per hour through cyberspace
I never feel an ounce of disgust or disgrace
I don’t eat my food
Or go out for weeks
I live in the world of cyber geeks
There’s truth and lies in this high tech land
High speed connections on my broadband
Its what we need and what we have got
All we have to do it type www.
There is no traffic jams on the super highway
I get what I need and do it all my way

You get what you want,And you get what you need Upload, download in hyper speed.


            Limousine Car


Limousine Car

Here comes my limousine car
To take me home
I’ve travelled lands afar
I spread my wings in search of truth
And all it brings is eternal youth
Here it comes my limousine car
To take me home
I’ve travelled lands afar
I live my life so full
And so high
But the question remains,
Who am I ?
There’s no reason or truth in my age
It’s my life turning another page
The only way I see
And the only way I know
This is the way I intend to go, I was born and I was created,
I’m going to live this life
Aint never going to look back


                             The Credit Crunch

The Credit Crunch

We resist all of times mutations
and lose our hands through lost creations
we left holes in our best laid plans
and register every inward glance
we made out down roads to nowhere
and lost all purpose in the rush to get there
from broken homes built on dust and ashes
constantly trying to break away from the classes
skip a meal maybe lunch
lets all blame the credit crunch.


                             36 Hours in the bar

36 Hours In The In The Bar
Walking to the bar and you start to feel sober
arrival is tempered by a creeping hangover
With nowhere to go but further down , down
With the alcohol flush you will eventually drown
A second wind keeps you going
Running on empty almost red
You feel like you’ve messed up your body
and your nearly dead
You jettison your body out on to the street
and all you can hear is the stomping of feet
hitting hard on the floor
of the Accident emergency corridor
You now only wish you never had one more
Could have been lager wine or bitter
None the less you would be a whole lot fitter
Do you want to be a hardened drinker
Or yesterdays careless thinker

                             The Soldiers Story

The Soldiers Story

He wore the green camouflage ,
he was a soldier at large ,
he left his hometown roots ,
to wear those combat boots ,
Germany , Poland and even Iraq
He’s Been to All The Places With a Pack On His Back
22 years under her majesty’s reign ,
seen his share of pleasure and pain ,
and now he is back in his home region ,
and an honorable member of the royal British legion ,
old and bold with a great sense of pride ,
sat at the table with a pint by his side ,
tell his war stories where he was put to the test ,
head held high and medals pinned to his chest ,
he’s the old soldier ,
nobody told ya ,
always respect him ,
never forget him .

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